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Any 50mm Mounted Slide

35mm, 110, 127, Super 35mm. mounted in card, plastic or glass.

DVD, USB or Web download

Choose how you want your images delivered.

High Resolution Scanning

4000 Dots per inch scanning to capture the full detail.

Colour & Exposure Correction Included

Unwind some of the age damage and correct exposure to gain more shadow detail.

Free Packing Boxes

Posted when you order, to safely transport your slides.  The boxes make for exceptionally compact storage of the slides on return, after scanning..

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Since 2003

In the 60’s and 90’s, slides were the go-to format for the serious photographer.  Many images of family, special events and historical collections are unviewed and slowly fading away with time.   

We make it simple, fast and inexpensive to provide you with high resolution digital images from your slides so you can share the images and preserve them into the future. 

We utilise industry-leading technology and automation to deliver stunning digital copies of your slides every time.   

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Step By Step Process

Getting your slides professionally converted with The Slide Converter simple.  Just  complete the guided order form, we provide a padded box with instructions to ensure safe transit and correct scanning order.

Step 1

Pricing and ordering

It only takes a minute to get a quote and customise an order.  We explain all the options on the order form.  You don’t need to pay any money when ordering so why not start the ball rolling today!

Step 2

Getting the slides to us

We send you our free packing boxes to organise and safely post your slides back to us.  We confirm when the slides arrive and give an estimated turnaround time.

Step 3

We process your slides

Your slides are individualy scanned using the latest high resolution equipment.  Each slide is auto-focused and exposed individually. We remove the black borders, apply exposure and colour correction and save to your chosen digital media DVD, USB stick or Internet delivery.

Step 4

Payment after scanning

We invoice you via email  after scanning so your order can be placed for an estimated number of slides.  You pay online securely using card, bank transfer, Paypal or post us a cheque if you prefer.

Step 5

Receive your slides

The slides and their digital copies will be returned by post.  We hold digital copies at our end for a few weeks for extra security.  All that’s left to do is enjoy the results.  Our scans are fully compatible PC, Mac and any internet activities such as social media, ordering prints online.

Years Established

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Customer Reviews

Thank you for doing a brilliant job transferring my parents’ collection of slides to digital – wish I thought to do it when dad was still alive as he would have loved to see them...”

I have just had my first batch of slides from ‘slideconverter’. Great quality and service. My first viewing was like stepping into the Tardis and going back to my early twenties. That you very much for the trip and the excellent service and quality. Highly recommended…
A. Baile

Converted about 100 old family slides, quality much better than expected, very happy with results, worth doing.

Common Questions

See the full list of common questions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries or help needed.

What types of slides can you convert?

We can process any mounted slide measuring 50x50mm this includes 35mm which is by far the most popular format, but also includes Super35mm, 127, 126, 110 and half frame. 

NB. We only scan slides which are mounted in 50mm slides, not film strips or loose negatives

What's the quality of your scans?

Your slides are scanned so that the resulting image is around 5000 pixels wide by 3500. That is around 17 megapixels in digital photography terminology.

Perfectly exposed slide film is generally accepted to be equivalent to between 10 megapixels (Kodachrome) and 15 megapixels (Fuji Velvia) so we are scanning at a higher resolution than the film itself.

To put this into perspective, an HD TV displays 2 megapixels. Even the new 4K HD screens only have 8 megapixels. So at the scan resolution we use you will be able to zoom in on tiny and previously un-noticed details of the picture. This detail will enable you to nicely re-frame pictures to make details closer and clearer.  NB 

Of course the quality of the image is much more than just the resolution and that’s why we check and adjust the exposure and colour on slides which are too light, dark or have got colour casts such as purple or red due to aging of the chemicals and dyes.  We are dependent too on the quality of the original image but we do obtain the best image we can, which in many cases is enhanced beyond what you would be able to see in the projected image. See our gallery for some examples.

How long will my order take?

Our turnaround time in less busy periods is 2-3 weeks for large orders at busy times it can be 4-6 weeks. However if you have an important deadline we can usually process smaller volumes of slides in about a week.  Critically urgent orders can be supported by delivering slide images over the internet. 

Do you offer discounts for bulk volumes?
Yes, we offer bulk discounts so that the more slides you have converted with us the cheaper the price per slide is. Your price will be automatically calculated, when you place an order.

If you have more than 10,000 slides to convert, please contact us directly for a quote.

Do you offer sample scans?

Yes! We are confident you will be impressed. Send us 4-5 slides or so with your email address and we will scan them and email you the images back. We’ll also send your sample slides back for free.  See the contact page for our address.

Example Scans

Below is a sample of the colour correction we apply for a common fault with slides going purple as they age.  Further down a selection of 8 slides showcasing the ability of the scanner when given perfectly exposed film (permission kindly granted by our customer, Mr I Chisman)

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