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Over a million slides digitised, it’s all we do.

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Any make 50mm mounted slide

Any slide mounted in 50 x 50mm card, plastic or glass.

Colour & Exposure Correction

We correct faded and tinted images

Free Packing Boxes

Safely transport and keep your slides in our custom boxes.

DVD, USB media OR Web download Gallery

Choose how your images will be delivered.

Order prints from selected images

Order prints, photo books, calendars and more direct from your download gallery

Our Highest Resolution Scans on Every order

We scan beyond the equivalent resolution of slide film (Velvia 25).  

Specialist Slide Conversion Experts

Since 2003


We make it simple, fast and inexpensive to provide you with high-resolution digital images from your slides so you can share the images and preserve them into the future.

Place an order for an estimated number of slides and we’ll post sufficient packing box(es) and instructions to orgainse your collection. Send just a few dozen or many thousands of slides.

We’ll return the orignal slides with a digital copy on a USB stick, Web Gallery or DVD.



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Nicky WNicky W
13:07 03 May 24
Excellent service from The Slide Converter. It was lovely and very reassuring to be able to easily speak to Daren on the phone on a number of occasions. He took time to talk me though the process and the options available. Great communication all through and we have just received the digital copies of the slides. They're fantastic and we are now able to share these memories with family across the globe. We would definitely recommend The Slide Converter. Thank you!
James NobleJames Noble
11:48 10 Apr 24
A really efficient, well-thought out process for digitising very precious slides and a great result. Many thanks to The Slide Converter team.
Debs DonaldsonDebs Donaldson
14:14 09 Apr 24
I highly recommend using The Slide Converter to digitise your old camera slides. I am now looking forward to being able to share the photos with family and friends, along with being able to print and put into an album/photobook. Just looking at them now brings back great memories of an era before mobile phones! Once I received the usb stick and digitial link, I had a couple of questions which Darren answered in a phone call. Posting the slides to them was easy and I have all the original slides back as a keepsake. Whilst not perhaps the cheapest compared to others offering this service, I would have no hesitation in using them again.
Nick GentNick Gent
08:33 03 Apr 24
Daren at The Slide Converter did a great job of my transparencies to digital format, he communicated promptly, followed through on his word & had a very quick turnaround time given the work involved. Payment was reasonable & straightforward & everything returned well packaged. If I had any more slides to convert I would have no hesitation in using him again. Highly commended thanks Daren 🙂
Adrian MossAdrian Moss
09:05 22 Mar 24
Fantastic service - My father was given a camera in the early 1950's, over the next 70 years he took (literally) thousands of slides documenting his love of railway and canal history. In today's digital era, his legacy might be lost, but "The Slide Convertor" are working their way steadily through his collection (limited more by may packing speed than anything). Quality is great, and we now have the first 5,000 images online with many more to follow.
shelley baylisshelley baylis
08:54 01 Feb 24
Excellent service from start to finish with clear instructions throughout. We were thrilled to be able to relive lovely memories at Mum 90th birthday celebrations by being able to see photos originating from the slides which had been hidden away for many years...a big thank you!

Actual scans

Below is a sample of our standard scans showcasing the ability of the scanner when given perfectly exposed film, taken on good equipment. (permission kindly given by Mr I Chisman)

Colour correction

It's not unusual for a collection to include a few slides with very bad colour tints caused by dye ageing.  Our service includes colour correction, below are some examples. On the left is what you would receive from your own scanner or from another slide scanning service. 
Many slides have this purple or magenta tint which is caused by insufficient chemical fixing during development. Because we focus 100% on slides, we have unparalleled experience in the treatment of the raw scans to recognise and correct these flaws. 

Years Established

Slides converted

Step by Step Process

Step 1

Pricing and ordering

Just click here to get an instant online quote and provide details for an order with us.  We are available by email or phone for any queries you may have.  

Step 2

Getting the slides to us

We send you our free packing boxes to organise and safely post your slides back to us.  We confirm when the slides arrive and confirm the turnaround time.

Step 3


Your slides will be individualy scanned using the latest high resolution equipment.  We remove the black borders, apply exposure and colour correction and save to your chosen digital media DVD, USB stick or Internet delivery.

Step 4

Payment after scanning

We invoice you via email  when the slides are ready to be posted back.  You can pay securely online using card, bank transfer, Paypal or cheque.

Step 5

Receive your slides

The slides and their digital copies will be returned by post.  We hold digital copies at our end for a few weeks for extra security.  Our scans are fully compatible with PC, Mac and all activities such as social media, ordering prints, etc

No payment is required when ordering so why not start the ball rolling today!

Common Questions

See the full list of common questions.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries or help needed.

How long will my order take?

Our turnaround time in less busy periods is 2-3 weeks, for large orders at busy times it can be 4-6 weeks.   However if you have an important deadline we can usually process smaller volumes of slides in about a week.  Critically urgent orders can be met too, just give us a quick call. 

Why is The Slide Converter different?

As far as we know, we are the only Company that specialises exclusively in scanning slides.  Since 2003 we have scanned close to 2 million slides.  Being avid slide photographers ourselves, we understand that obtaining a good image involves a lot more than just mounting a slide and pressing a button.

We use modern dedicated slide scanning machines; NOT scanners made in the 90’s and based on old technology and NOT scanners which are just re-purposed paper scanning machines.  Our machine is constantly updated as better sensing devices, lenses and light sources become available. 

We provide custom made transport and archive boxes for you to safely send slides and then compactly store going forward.  The boxes and the clear labelling we provide are no doubt part of the reason that no customer has ever lost their slides.

We genuinely do have only 5 star reviews to our name on Google!  

What's the quality of your scans?

Your slides are scanned so that the resulting image is around 5000 pixels wide by 3500. That is around 17 megapixels in digital photography terminology.

Perfectly exposed slide film is generally accepted to be equivalent to between 10 megapixels (Kodachrome) and 15 megapixels (Fuji Velvia) so we are scanning at a higher resolution than the film itself.

For comparison, an HD TV displays just 2 megapixels.  Even the latest 4K HD screens can only display 8 megapixels.   So at the scan resolution we use, you will be able to crop in on tiny and previously un-noticed details of the picture. This detail will enable you to nicely re-frame pictures to make subjects larger and clearer.

Of course, the quality of the image is much more than just the resolution and that’s why we check and adjust the exposure and colour on slides which are too light, dark or have got colour casts such as purple or red due to aging of the chemical dyes.  We are dependent too on the quality of the original image but we do obtain the best image possible from the slides provided.   See our gallery of actual slide scans further down the page.

What types of slides can you convert?

We can process any mounted slide measuring 50x50mm this includes 35mm, which is by far the most popular format, but also includes Super35mm, 127, 126, 110 and half frame. 

NB. We only scan slides which are mounted in 50mm slides, not film strips or loose negatives

Do you offer sample scans?

Yes! We are confident you will be impressed. Send us a few of your slides (suggest 5-6 slides) with your email address.  We will scan them and email you the images back. We’ll also send your sample slides back for free.  The address to send slides to in on our contact page.

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