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To the right is a standard 4000 dots per inch (24 Megapixel) image.  The area inside the red frame has been enlarged below.  The high resolution allows virtually forensic levels of image viewing but on the practical side means you can zoom in and perfectly re-frame photos as needed picking out previoulsy un-seen details. 

The resolution of slide film is generally accepted to be equivalent to between 12 to 16 megapixels; we scan at 24 megapixels so no detail is lost.

In a typical slide collection, spanning the 1950’s to 1980’s, a variety of different films and processes will have been used. The differing chemical processes and films used affect the slides over time in their own distinct ways. At theSlideConverter we are skilled in correcting these effects. We also correct under and over-exposed images.

So take a look at a few of your slides…. do the Kodachrome ones have and overly blue cast, do slides from the 60s look dark reddy brown. do you have lots of mauve looking skies? If you look at any of your slides and notice these effects you can be assured that we will professionally correct these for you.


Colour correction

To the right, the greens and reds are totally muted by a purple haze in the slide due to age. When this is removed the red and green colours literally pop out of the picture


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